The Bard's Tale Soundtrack
By popular demand, inXile posts, for your listening pleasure, the musical treats that were previously available only while playing The Bard's Tale. Now you can listen to all the tracks, even when you're taking a break from your quest for coin and cleavage... like while you're working for coin while day-dreaming about cleavage, or while you're on a date with cleavage, spending coin while day-dreaming about gaming. Many thanks to the countless fans who sent us requests for the soundtrack! However, we have grown weary of repeated trips to the post office, thus this online version for all to share was born.

#1 Here's to The Bard - Title Track

#2 Here's To the Bard - Viking Mix

#3 Beer, Beer, Beer!

#4 McGrath Castle

#5 The Chosen One #1

#6 The Chosen One #2

#7 The Chosen One #3

#8 The Chosen One #4

#9 The Chosen One #5

#10The Chosen One #6

#11The Chosen One #7

#12The Tale of the Nuckelavee

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